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Mediation, Marriage, Family & Addiction Therapy

The main focus of Dr. St. Pierre’s services as a Calgary Psychologist is in the personal growth areas of marriagefamily, mediationhypnosis and addictions. The greatest impact felt through her work is the resolution of present difficulties, clearing the way for a whole new future – Future Building. The latest techniques used by this Calgary Psychologist, such as Rapid Eye Movement Desensitization (EMDR) are used to clear away feelings of trauma, and shame, inferiority, sexual and physical abuse so that suggestions, often through hypnosis, can be used to build a whole new existence and future.

These future building techniques are useful to those of us struggling with identity problems, such as, who we are, what’s important to us, career issues and relationship issues, as well as in gaining a sense of purpose and earning a living. Future building is often accomplished through using ego-strengthening techniques, which assist in becoming anchored and strong. The development of leadership potential is part of discovering our identity or who we are and what we stand for. The objective is to actualize one’s potential fear, phobias and anxieties, which need to be overcome and settled, so that enough energy is left to embark on a new existence.

Clinical hypnosis is used to enhance and build self-esteem. Shannon’s greatest strength with Calgary Hypnosis, is her ability to set conditions up so that people are moved beyond emotional blocks, clearing the way for happiness. The emotional blocks which she has effectively dealt with are those listed in the TELUS Yellow Pages ad under Psychologists, and include: anger, fear, psychological and physiological pain, inner childhood issues related to being raised in dysfunctional families, feelings of inferiority and shame, and addictions (drugs, alcohol, sexual addictions, smoking, VLT, and other gambling disorders).

Shannon’s greatest passion as a Calgary Family and Marriage Therapist, is to help people develop and become the leaders. It is with delight that she assists people, often through hypnosis and offers Calgary Sex Therapy Services, to develop business projects and ideas to enhance those personal skills that lead to their success.

Committed to Helping You in a Solution-Focused Setting

Inner & Emotional Healing

  • Overcome – Frustrations, Loneliness, Powerlessness, Fear, Phobias, Highsensitivity, Divorce & Life Transitions
  • Heal – Trauma, Emptiness, Depression, Loss & Betrayal, Sadness, Grief
  • Gain – Relaxation, Self Esteem & Confidence
  • Life Transitions
  • Expand Strengths through Hypnosis
  • Recover from Pain
  • Trauma & Abandonment


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