Calgary Mediation Services

Interest based mediation works from the perspective of each party so that both parties needs are met at the same time. Through open discussion, a point where both parties are satisfied will be reached.

With over 25 years experience, Shannon St. Pierre is able to work on all cases – ranging from simple to more complex. Shannon St. Pierre is experienced mediating family, community, international, land and contract disputes.

Moreover,  Shannon teaches the participants to solve their problems, using the ingredients of a successful mediation- active listening, seeing the other persons side, and most of all looking for ways that each party can “win.” Mediation skills become a highly-valued “life-skill.”

We are located on the second floor of the Northhill Mall,
1632 14 Avenue Northwest #217  Calgary, AB T2N 1M7
Tel:(403) 282-1474


calgary conflict resolution services

We provide the highest level of Conflict Resolution Services – constact us for more information 403-282-1474


The following are some content areas for mediation:

  • Building family solidarity even in the face of divorce to strengthen & solidify family structures.
  • Move forward with a solid foundation which keeps the family safe and secure.
  • Build solutions which improve your children’s current situation and provides for the future.
  • Build solutions tailored to meet family’s needs and dynamics.
  • Keep the “control” in the family where it belongs with family.
  • Tailor solutions to family needs and wants.
  • Better management of family assets, so that assets are kept in the family pocket. As well as reduce emotional pain & stress.

About Us

  • Registered family mediator and civil mediator.
  • Practitioner Status – Association for Conflict Resolution
  • 22 years of helping families, individuals, and neighbors resolve problems in a constructive way.
  • Solutions are formed through a clear understanding of each parties interests so that resolutions can be reached which suite everyone.
  • The process is designed as you go in order to fully meet the needs of the people’s situation.
  • Civilized divorced, respectful Co-Parenting, Healthy Blended families, trusts the mediation process to find solutions that match all out of a presented problem.
  • A comfortable result oriented setting where the mediator breaks the needs and interests of the clients into concise statements to work the problem situation till solutions emerge. These solutions are tailored to meet the approval of the participating parties so that their needs are fulfilled with the right flavor, balance, and slant so people go away satisfied.

Calgary Mediation Services:

  • Community
  • Divorce
  • Health
  • Civil
  • Families

calgary mediation services

We are located on the second floor of the Northhill Mall,
1632 14 Avenue Northwest #217 Calgary, AB T2N 1M7
Tel:(403) 282-1474