long weekend time again

Here it is long weekend time again. I wonder to myself having been a family therapist for over a decade, how many family fights will occur and how many of these family fights could be avoided with a little planning. I am expecting my phone to ring off the hook starting Monday and into the early part of next week.

Many of these family fights could be avoided through settling issues before the holiday season. Settling issues could do much to keep relationships well and healthy. If your family has no identifiable means of solving problems then it is time to see a qualified family therapist so that a viable means of solving problems can be developed. Usual the development of these problem-solving techniques in the family means that ideas are incorporated from both husband and wife with these ideas blended and amalgamated into a whole new\ method of problem-solving which works for this couple. This method of solving problems is both culturally sensitive and relationship sensitive.

In fact a little planning could do a lot to keep families safe on long weekends include the one in May. Why not have the car ready with gas and annual maintenance fees done? Why not have healthy snacks so family fights do not erupt over low blood sugar and inadequate nutrition. Why not have ready made snacks that are full of omega from flax seed and other types of ingredients which fall into the same category. Why not speak to the family especially children about safe behavior especially safe behavior in campgrounds. Why not take frequent well-planned breaks while you are travelling.

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