Dealing with children on the autism/aspbergers spectrum

1. Pay very careful to your child, learning about the child from the child.

Your child is their own best expert.  Often these children are highly sensitive knowing exactly what is bothering them, assuming of course that they have the ability to speak of their ideas in a coherent way. Effective parenting involves the patience to listen to what your child is experiencing even when they cannot speak about it  themselves.

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raising children on the autism spectrum

Raising children on the autism spectrum is a life changing event. These life changes cause you as a person and as a parent to re-evaluate your new-found identity. It changes your identity of who you are, what you are and what is important to you? How to parent children especially with high functioning autistism can be made simple. Continue reading

long weekend time again

Here it is long weekend time again. I wonder to myself having been a family therapist for over a decade, how many family fights will occur and how many of these family fights could be avoided with a little planning. I am expecting my phone to ring off the hook starting Monday and into the early part of next week. Continue reading