Shannon St. Pierre’s Psychologist Qualifications


  • Chartered Psychologist #1597  (Alberta and Canadian Full Membership)
  • Canadian Register of Health Service Psychologists
  • Canadian Register of Health Service Providers  (Certificate Number 03576)

Sex Therapy

  • Registered  Sex Therapist (Diplomat Status)
  • Supervisory / training status


  • Registered Family Mediator

  • Member Alberta Association

  • Member Mediation Canada

  • Practitioners Status Mediator


Family Therapy

  • Full Clinical Family Therapist #72904  (Full Member of Alberta, Canadian, and American Association)
  • Supervisory and training status


  • Accredited Clinical Hypnotist with the Alberta, Canadian, American, Practitioner status  
    (certificate number 1233)
  • Level II – Rapid Eye Movement Desensitization  (EMDR)


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