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Calgary Family Therapy, Sex Therapy, Couples Therapy, Mediation, and Hypnotherapy. Calgary, Alberta Canada

What to expect when you first meet Shannon St. Pierre?

With over 25 years experience, Shannon St. Pierre knows that the first step in any type of therapy or mediation is gaining the clients trust.

During your first session, St. Pierre will have an open discussion with you that will allow a trusting relationship to begin. Her office is a judgement-free zone. It is an open platform for you to share your thoughts, concerns and feelings.

By stepping into  Shannon St. Pierre’s office you are taking the first steps into a relationship where her priority is you.

The process:

  1. Open discussion where you are able to share your thoughts, concerns and feelings.
  2. Dr. St. Pierre assessment of how to resolve the issues you are facing
  3. Actively work with Dr. St. Pierre to alleviate your troubles

Shannon St. Pierre uses various forms of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) as well as hypnosis to target underlying thoughts and behaviours that are maladaptive.

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