Calgary Sex Therapist: What is Sex Therapy?

Shannon St. Pierre approaches sex therapy from a holistic perspective whereby troubles may be being triggered through emotions, biological channels or both. Uncovering the trigger for the troubles is key to understanding the issue at hand and moving forward. She works in the realm of sexual dysfunction with a focus on erectile dysfunction, sexual addictions and intimacy issues. Often, these sexual issues are treated within the context of marital or couples therapy.

Sex therapy with Shannon St. Pierre, Registered Sex therapist- diplomat and supervisory status with ASSECT, family therapist and psychologist. Sex therapy is intricate and difficult work requiring sophisticated sex therapy skills. Sex therapy is exceedingly useful for many different types of couples. Continue reading

Calgary Family Mediation: What is Mediation?

The mediation process is interest-based in that it meet the interests of each party involved in the process. An effective mediator builds the process to match the needs of the client (s) so that a whole new process can be built for conflict resolution. In essence, it is tailored to the client... Continue reading