Calgary Family Mediation: What is Mediation?

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The mediation process is interest-based in that it meet the interests of each party involved in the process. An effective mediator builds the process to match the needs of the client (s) so that a whole new process can be built for conflict resolution. In essence, it is tailored to the client.

Often the mediation client does not know themselves why they are so upset. It is up to the mediator to peel back the layers so that the client can know what is really troubling them. Circular questionning such as What would he or she have to do to finish this? will get the client thinking about the possibility of finishing the problem.

Each culture and each family has a different way of resolving conflict. An important part of the mediation process is to understand how these factors operate in the lives of your clients. Clients are interested in learning about the mediation process. It is entirely possible that your clients may want to learn new ways to solve problems rather than to continue with the same mind-set where conflict is fueled by the couples behaviors.

Some of the most effective mediation processes occur because each party learns to find ways to fulfill their needs at the same time as fulfilling the other parties needs. In essence they build a process between themselves so that they can draw upon each and every time a conflict occurs.

  • interest-based
  • each party wins
  • a process is tailored made to the parties
  • it recognizes the process that are already in place
  • refining these processes so that solutions can be gained